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Welcome to the Colac Otways! We are a diverse, vibrant and connected rural community located in picturesque south-western Victoria, about 160 km from the Melbourne CBD, with everything to offer… beautiful beaches and stunning coastal views, lush green hinterland, pristine rivers, and welcoming people. We love this place! And so will you. You won’t find a more relaxed and fun place to live, work or play.

This is your entry point for public transport, trip planning, timetables, ticketing, maps and travel information for the Colac Otways local government area. Includes local and State government transport strategies as well as active transport.

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Find everything you need to know about services, programs and initiatives in your local community such as activities and programs at your local Neighbourhood House; recreation and leisure activities you can pursue and groups to join; how can you get healthy and stay that way; what is available for children and families, youth, and older persons; local learning opportunities; and how and where to find jobs.

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